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Healing The Soul in the Age of the Brain
Becoming Conscious in an Unconscious World

by Elio Frattaroli, M.D.

Acclaim for Dr. Frattaroli's Book
“Perhaps no one has released so creative, so audacious . . . a critique of contemporary society's love affair with psychiatric medication as that offered by Dr. Elio Frattaroli”
— Harvard Crimson

“(U)nique in the beauty of its writing and its cogent integration of a theory of treatment with models for the good life and for consciousness....a feast for the reader ...appropriate for the educated general public[and] certainly a must-read for clinicians (trainees or seasoned practitioners) ... I can think of few works that have affected me so directly and profoundly.”
— Howard H. Covitz, Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Volume 50, #2, Spring 2002.

Healing the soul is a fascinating, ruthlessly honest and poignant journey of one brave soul who happens to be a psychoanalyst. On all levels—from the exploration of the philosophy of mind/brain, through the brilliant critique of the drug cowboys who want to merely keep us “level” and smiling, to the intense work of being with his patients in a truly mutual, whole, and making-whole therapy process—Dr. Frattaroli's fine book insists that we wake up and embrace the essence of that which is always with us, our souls.”
— Samuel Shem, author of The House of God and Mount Misery

“We are not mechanisms! With the clarity of an insider, psychotherapist and analyst Dr. Elio Frattaroli takes on the current psychiatric infatuation with biological reductionism. As persons, we are more than the sum of our neurological interactions, even more than our neuroses. We are spirit and soul. With verve and freshness, Dr. Fratteroli leads us with practical steps toward a soul-centered psychotherapy. A lucid and important work.”
— Terry Real, author of I Don't Want to Talk About It: The Secret Legacy of Male Depression

“This is an absolutely necessary book. In America, we give dangerous psychiatric drugs to our children and ask ‘Should I take Prozac?’ instead of ‘Why do I suffer?’ Surely, we are losing our minds and our humanity. Elio Frattaroli is a wise, funny, and inspiring advisor who, as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, clearly shows us the risks we are taking, as well as the solutions available through our own insights.”
— Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D., Author of The Resilient Spirit and Women and Desire

“This superb new book is a much-needed wake-up call. Frattaroli reminds us that there is a person behind the symptoms-a human spirit yearning to be known and understood.”
— Glen O. Gabbard, M. D., Professor of Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine

“This is a terrific book. Elio Frattaroli illuminates hugely important truths about our innate human complexity in this fascinating excursion through psychology, neuroscience, literature and quantum physics. Along the path, he deflates several overblown sacred cows of 'modern medicine' while revealing himself to be humble, honest and a truly gifted psychiatrist.”
—John L. Schwartz, MD Editor in Chief, Psychiatric Times

“In this insightful, comprehensive book, Dr. Frattaroli offers an inside view of how psychotherapy works to change lives. As a psychologist, novelist and patient, whom psychoanalysis freed to be creative, I recommend this book as a valuable tool for professionals and as an illuminating resource for anyone interested in how human beings can benefit from facing the unconscious fantasies that hold them prisoner.”
— Lucy Daniels, Ph.D., author of Caleb My Son, High on a Hill, With a Woman's Voice

“[Frattaroli's] insights are fresh, highly readable, informative, passionate and memorable.”
Publishers Weekly review

“A major achievement, this is essential for all libraries.”
— E. James Lieberman, Library Journal review

“If Freud experiences a revival, he may thank Frattaroli for it.”
— Gilbert Taylor, Booklist review

“Frattaroli takes readers on a breathtaking ride through science, history, literature and art to lay bare the complexity and significance of the human spirit... [He] brilliantly illustrates why becoming human — conscious, emotional, and soulful — is a challenge we must accept.”
— Jesse Gale, Barnes & Noble review

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