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Healing The Soul in the Age of the Brain
Becoming Conscious in an Unconscious World

by Elio Frattaroli, M.D.

Table Of Contents

Acknowledgments vii
Part I: The Importance of Being Conscious
1: A Brief Introduction to the Soul 3
2: The Technocrat and the Cowboy 25
3: An Introduction to the Psychotherapeutic Process 61
Part II: The Medical Model and the Psychotherapeutic Model:
  A Personal Commentary on Psychiatry, Science,
  and the Philosophy of Life
4: Lecture to Young Psychiatrists 81
5: The Swimming Pool and the Quest 104
6: he End Is in the Beginning: A Tribute to Bruno Bettelheim 132
Part III: Science: The Untold Story
7: Two Kinds of Truth: The Principle of Complementarity 151
8: A Science of Subjectivity: Complementarity
and Consciousness
Part IV: Experiencing the Psychotherapeutic Process
9: Anxiety and the Spirit of Questioning 183
10: Introspection and Putting It into Words 202
11: Resistance and Transferenc 218
12: But Isn’t Psychoanalysis Supposed to Be About Sex? 243
Part V: History Lessons
13: Freud’s Theory of the Soul:
From the Swimming Pool to the Quest
14: Respect the Symptom 294
15: Integrating the Swimming Pool Within the Quest:
“Where It Was, There Shall I Become”
Part VI: The Mind–Body Problem and the Crisis in Our Culture
16: What Is the Soul? 331
17: What Are We Really Hearing When We Listen to Prozac? 362
18: Repetition, Reflection, and the Search for Meaning 400
Notes 435
Index 449